Easy pane switching between tmux, vim, nested tmux, ssh

When working with vim inside of tmux, and with nested tmux sessions inside ssh, pane switching can quickly become an annoyance. You need to use different key sequences to switch between tmux panes than you need to switch between vim panes (vim “windows”); and when working with nested sessions, it always takes a moment to […]

Adjusting tmux.conf options for different versions

There are a couple of common techniques described on this stack overflow post for switching up tmux.conf options based on the version. Most of them either involve loading different files for different tmux versions or using if-shell with some ugly syntax and shell arithmetic in tmux.conf. These will work, but may not be the “cleanest” […]

Clipboard integration between tmux, nvim, zsh, x11, across SSH sessions

A long-time thorn in my side has been that several different applications in my typical workflow have independent concepts of clipboards that just don’t work well together; plus I often work with multiply nested SSH sessions, which adds another layer of difficulty. A quick web search shows known solutions for integrating some combinations of the […]